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Are you a Starter, Finisher or Stabilizer?

This is a great question to ask yourself as a business owner. It’s important to understand this distinction between ourselves and the people we work with in our business or jobs.

A Starter likes to get the ball rolling – you are a visionary. You see the world through a lens of opportunity and how you can change things for the better. You are passionate and driven by your ideas – nothing gives you more pleasure than a great (new) idea and the possibility it creates.

A Finisher likes to get stuff done – you love to plug into someone else’s ideas and help bring them to life. You naturally see what it will take to accomplish a goal – the steps, resources, and timeline – and don’t feel satisfied until measurable progress is made on the plan that you have set forth to accomplish.

A Stabilizer likes to keep the engine running – you are driven by stability – chaos, messes, and surprises drive you crazy! You have an eye for detail and a heart of service, knowing that a strong foundation is what keeps the vision (ideas) alive. You are satisfied when everything is running as it should, daily, with excellence.

Which one do you identify with the most? The answer could be more than one for you – many of my clients are both a Starter and a Finisher, but not usually a Stabilizer.

You are great at coming up with big ideas – solving big problems – and bringing solutions to life. And then, once the programs are created and serve where they are meant to do, you disengage. Once the creation is live, their natural inclination is to move on to the next thing.

Does this sound like you? If so, embrace your strengths and accept that you may not be a Stabilizer, and that’s OK.

It doesn’t mean that everything you create is destined to fall by the wayside and disappear when keeping things going. The key is to surround yourself with strong Finishers & Stabilizers - the folks who love to make sure everything gets done and runs as it should long-term.

As a Finisher, my zone of genius is putting the systems and structures in place that bring visionary ideas to life. I love to see progress, bring things to completion and make sure they are built to stay strong and last.

How does your current team compliment your nature? For my business, I thrive on connecting with powerful Starters.

If you’re a Starter, you need strong Finishers & Stabilizers around you to keep the success engine running. Know yourself. Honor yourself. And surround yourself with the complimentary support team. Interested in exploring this concept further?

I’d love to dig deeper with you

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