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RockStar OBM, LLC, is an Online Business Management company that offers support to mental health professionals/business owners by providing services such as (Team Management, Automation, Customer Service, Organizational Design, and Strategic Mapping). RockStar OBM, LLC will serve as the primary function of business management to free you to grow your company/business to the stars and beyond. We are your support solution.

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About the Team

In our competitive market, your growing business needs support. RockStar OBM, LLC is a full-service Online Business Management Company, offering top-quality online business management and director of operations services. Our team's skills drive productivity in your business. Get your schedule back on track and take your life back. Contact us today to see what RockStar OBM, LLC can do for you.


Who Is Lakeitha?

Organizational Strategist


Lakeitha is our Organizational Strategist and our certified Director of Operations. As an organizational strategist, I help mental health and higher education professionals. I work with you to develop your business's strategic plan and future growth. As a Certified Online Business Manager and Certified Director of Operations with 17 years of administrative experience, I will be your right hand to assist you in your business. Flexibility & efficiency is what you get by working with me; I will assist you in focusing on your business and your brand. At the same time, I will handle your business's day-to-day management (aspect) for you. Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and effort. Lakeitha is here to provide the assistance you need to free you to be the creative visionary in your business.


Who Is Roderick?

Project Manager


Roderick (Rod) is our Automation Specialist and our Project Manager. A steadfast and goal-focused Automation Management Professional with a proven track record of success in strategizing complex administrative and supply chain operations. Adept at strategizing cost-efficient plans and tech-based methodologies to manage resources and controlling inventory for achieving financial targets and optimizing profitability. A dynamic and striving leader, seeking an opportunity to strengthen overall business performance by establishing smart goals to improve procedures for meeting operational and financial objectives and drive business growth. He handles all things in this area.